All About HBOT and Your Session

What is HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) ?

HBOT or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is where you lie or sit inside a pressurised chamber and breath in increased purity of oxygen, the increase in atmospheric pressure enables the oxygen to dissolve into the blood plasma saturating the fluid and bringing about a wide range of positive cellular, biochemical, and physiological effects.

Clinical research studies have demonstrated Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy's ability to enhance the body's natural healing ability's and also used as a supplementary form of therapy to amplify the healing process for critical and ongoing illness and health conditions.

To see a list of some benefits backed by studies click here.

We have a variety of hyperbaric chambers to suit all needs, from a wheelchair accessible chamber, a sit down chamber suitable for those with mobility issues to a high pressure 2 ATA lie down chamber. 

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has a cumulative effect which means you need repeated sessions to start seeing results, most people start seeing positive results after 3 - 4 sessions, some conditions like carbon monoxide poisoning can be fully treated in 3 - 4 sessions but other conditions like non healing wounds for example usually take 20 - 40 sessions, the basic hyperbaric protocol advised by the International Hyperbaric Association for serious conditions recommends 40 sessions, at least 3 sessions spread out over the week is recommended, 5 sessions a week is ideal.

For those with a ongoing illness like dementia it would be recommended to continue sessions indefinitely and would be more practical and cheaper in the long run to purchase a hyperbaric chamber for the home, see our hyperbaric chambers for sale here 

HBOT is not just for those with health conditions it is also beneficial for those who are just looking for wellbeing or those looking to prevent illness, hyperbaric chambers are now the main therapy in anti aging clinics since the research study proving that the therapy reverses aging biomarkers in humans by significantly increasing the length of telomeres which shorten as we age and also the clearance of senescent cells in the aging population, see this amazing study here

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What To Expect During Your HBOT Session

Your 60 minute hyperbaric session will last for around 80 minutes in total as it takes up to 10 minutes for the chamber to reach full pressure and also we need to decompress the chamber slowly and at a rate that's comfortable for you. During the compression of the chamber you may feel some discomfort in your ears similar to what you feel when going up in a airplane, we will teach you how to clear your ears correctly and our technician will be in constant contact with you during this time using a 2 way radio. Once the chamber reaches full pressure it is then time to put on your oxygen mask and relax, you can either have a sleep for the 60 minutes or read a book, play on a mobile device. Once your 60 minute session is finished we will then decompress the chamber. If you need to end your session early then you can just speak to the technician on the radio and they will begin to decompress the chamber.


How Should I Prepare For My Session?

We recommend loose comfortable clothing, no shoes are allowed inside the chambers and no sharp objects. Make sure to go to the bathroom before your session as if we have to stop the session due to you needing the bathroom we will be unable to restart the session due to the time needed to decompress and compress the chamber again. It is recommended to have a small drink of water before the session and if you suffer from low blood sugar then to have a snack before. Please arrive for your session at least 5 minutes before your booking time, if you arrive late we may need to reschedule your appointment so not conflict with other bookings. If you need to change your booking please contact us ASAP.


How Will I Feel After My Session?

After your hyperbaric oxygen therapy session you may feel a little out of it for a few minutes, this is due to your system readjusting to the normal air pressure and regular air, after a few session you will likely feel more energised, after all this therapy is recommended for chronic fatigue. HBOT also rapidly reduces inflammation so you should notice less pain almost immediately.