About Us

Our hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic is unique, we cater for all individuals, we are the only clinic in the UK to have a wheelchair accessible hyperbaric oxygen chamber, we also have a comfy sit down chamber suitable for those with mobility issues or claustrophobia or ideal if you want to work on your laptop while having your session, while also offering a high pressure lie down chamber with the pressure set at 2.0 ATA which is the same pressure that is used in hospitals, we will determine which chamber is suitable for your needs.

hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic blackpool

All our friendly therapists are trained hyperbaric technician's and hold certificates with IHA (International Hyperbarics Association) and IBUM (International Board of Undersea Medicine)

Going one step further than other HBOT clinics we are offering free treatment to children with life threatening illness, please read more about this here

See our teams certification:

international hyperbarics association certificate D D

IBUM certificate DD