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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber 2.0 ATA Pro

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber 2.0 ATA Pro

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber 2.0 ATA Pro LARGE


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Introducing the highest soft pressure chamber available with a maximum pressure of 2.0 ATA  (14.7 psi) !! this is the pressure that is given in hospital hyperbaric chambers

Price includes the chamber, medical grade oxygen concentrator and air compressor and air cooler, also one of our engineers will deliver, set up and train you how to use your chamber, this service is free within a 20 miles radius of our office in Cleveleys (Blackpool) outside of of this radius a charge will apply depending on how many miles away we will have to travel

Don't be fooled by other company's selling hyperbaric oxygen chambers for up to double our prices and making mass profit off people often dealing with illness, there is nothing special about their chambers even though you see celebrity's they have paid advertising them.

  • 2.0 ATA (14.7 psi) operating pressure which is usually only offered in hospitals and some higher end clinics
  • Blast tested up to 3.5 ATA so extremely safe at the pressure of 2.0 ATA
  • Viewing windows
  • External pressure gauge 
  • Fast and easy secure stainless steel buckles and strap system to withstand the high pressure and a double zip system
  • Chamber can be operated alone although if you have any sever mobility issues it will be easier with a second person on the outside
  • Highest quality 10 LPM certified medical grade oxygen concentrator included which delivers a steady 93 - 95% oxygen compared to standard 21% oxygen that we breath without a concentrator, combined with a 120LPM oil free air compressor which can also be operated with a remote control from inside the chamber
  • Thermal welded, no glues or toxic chemicals used
  • Various types of oxygen masks included, can also be used with no oxygen mask and just have the oxygen free flowing into the chamber
  • Memory foam mattress included to make your dive as comfortable as possible
  • Electronic devices can be used in this chamber so you can chill out and watch a movie on a tablet or play on your phone
  • Sturdy external metal frame so the unit keeps shape when deflated

Product dimensions

Chamber: Length: 210cm, Width 85cm


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